Emergency admissions by PCTOctober 2010

The introduction of a marginal tariff is likely to affect the level of emergency admissions. It is hoped that capping 2010-2011 income at the level of admissions for 2008-09 and only paying 30% of tariff for activity thereafter will reduce admissions. While they are reducing their liability in respect of the trusts, PCTs should be actively managing demand locally.

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% increase in emergency admissions Q1 2008/9 - Q1 2010/11

  • 17.1 to 35.6
  • 11.2 to 17.1
  • 8 to 11.2
  • 4.6 to 8
  • 0.5 to 4.6
  • -7 to 0.5
  • -32.4 to -7